Ride with style | 2017 Online Catalog

Who We Are


We created Pride Racing in 2014 as we wanted to offer very specific parts that we could not find on the market. The plan was to create high-end BMX racing parts that would cover riders needs for modern BMX racing and enable them to take their riding to another level.


We are based in France, just 45mn South-West of Lyon and 30mn from St Etienne, one of the spotlight for BMX racing in France. The city offers a modern high-end track that held the ‘016 French Championships and the area provides a high concentration of top riders. Mathis Ragot-Richard, W1 TT ‘016, Romain Riccardi, ex top Elite, Cameron Porte with whom we are working very closely all live close by as well as a lot of other top riders.

St Etienne is also the place where the European BMX family migrates every December for the past 21 years now to participate to the World re-known Indoor BMX race that attracts riders beyond Europe.

We are definitely located in a region where BMX racing is BIG and has been big since its early days.


All our products are thought, designed and developed internally. We always start our projects from scratch in order to design exactly what we want without any compromise.

Our close relation with factories and vendors allows us to work with the best partners to ensure our products are perfectly manufactured and up to the standards we set to ourselves.

This is our best guarantee that riders will see and feel the difference when they ride with Pride Racing parts.


As mentioned, we are lucky to be surrounded by a lot of top riders living very close from our office. That’s why from the beginning of Pride Racing, we made sure to partner with top riders who would be able to work closely with Pride Racing and help us to develop the best products.

Riders are involved from the start of the projects up to the field-testing process period where we decide to take the project to production or to go back to our drawing board with our vendors.

Riders bring us constant product feedback. No matter the conditions, they are out riding and this is the best fatigue test we have for our products.

Because no matter how much lab-testing you do, riders feedback is the key element to ensure products are up to what is expected.


Style does not make you faster, but style is part of  BMX racing ! That’s what every rider is looking for on top of speed. From the first laps you take at the track as a beginner, everybody tries to bring a bit of style to his/her riding.

If you can combine style with efficiency, that’s a great combo !

This is the approach we have with Pride Racing.

We want to create products that make a difference and allow a better riding experience, but we also want to create products that look great and bring some style to your riding.