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Chloé Binetruy

Chloé Binetruy

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  • Favorite Pride Part and why?

The 12K Carbon wheels, because they can support my casings ! ahah ! 🙂

  • Where are you from ?

Besançon (Franche Comté)

  • When did you start riding BMX ?

I began at 10 years old.

  • What is your worst fear ?

Nothing scares me 😉

  • Which living person do you most admire, BMX and non BMX and why ?

Laetitia Le Corguillé for her carrier.

  • What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought ?

Nothing because my parents are great ( thanks;) )

  • Which film changed your life ?


  • What’s in your pocket right now ?

My Phone

  • Barbecue or Fastfood ?

Barbecue for sure

  • How would you describe you ?

A young girl who loves to have fun on her little bike. I’m persevering, I do not like losing.

  • Coffee / Tea or Beer ?


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