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Jeremy Rencurel

Jeremy Rencurel

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  • Prefered Pride Part and why?

The Carbon rims because they are cool, sexy and really high quality.

  • Where are you from ?

Ile de France region, city of Persan.

  • When did you start riding ?

I started at 5 years old and had my first race at 6.

  • What is your worst fear ?


  • Which living person do you admire most, BMX and non BMX and why ?

I admire Maris Stromberg for his career and what he represnets in Bmx, he is a legend! I like Usain Bolt too, he is more than a legend, it’s an attraction haha.

  • What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought ?

My Macbook.

  • Which film changed your life ?


  • What’s in your pocket right now ?

My Phone.

  • Barbecue or Fastfood ?


  • How would you describe you ?

Quiet, impulsive.

  • Coffee / Tea or Beer ?


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