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Mathis Ragot Richard

Mathis Ragot Richard

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  • Favorite Pride Part and why?

Step Up Fork with 20mm Axle, and the Carbon wheels !

  • Where are you From ?

Besançon (Franche Comté)

  • When did you start riding BMX ?

I began at 6 years old.

  • What is your worst fear ?


  • Which living person do you most admire, BMX and non BMX and why ?

Maris Stromberg for his career, Joris and Corben for the riding and class (even if they also win!) and Sylvain André pour his craziness. I also love Mathias Dandois, for his creativity. And out of BMX :  Peter Sagan.

  • What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought ?

A travel ticket I think.

  • Which film changed your life ?

Rasta Rocket (laughs)

  • What’s in your pocket right now ?

I don’t have anything in my pockets, except my phone when it’s not in my hand.

  • Barbecue or Fastfood ?

Barbecue and Fastfood, when we talk food, nothing should be taken lightly !

  • How would you describe you ?

Simple and real, I love life!

  • Coffee / Tea or Beer ?

I’ve nothing against tea, but a good coffee or a beer is better. It’s different, 2 spots, 2 atmospheres.

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