Pride Hexagon Spokes Double Butted (x10)

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Discover the Pride Racing Hexagon Double Butted spoke.

This spoke, manufactured in France, has a variable thickness of 2mm - 1.7mm - 2mm (double butted). At the ends, the diameter of the spoke is 2mm, providing maximum support for the stresses exerted at the spoke head and threading. In the middle of the spoke, the diameter is thinned down to 1.7mm, reducing the amount of material in an area where the stress is lower. This design helps to reduce weight (over 30g on a wheel with 36 spokes).

Here, the Hexagon Double Butted spoke is offered in a pack of 10 spokes. You can choose the desired length of spokes. It comes with 10 black brass spoke heads, each measuring 14mm.

In summary, the Pride Racing Hexagon Double Butted spoke is a high-quality spoke for bicycles, made in France. Its variable thickness design optimizes strength and weight. It is available in a pack of 10 spokes with a choice of lengths and includes black 14mm brass spoke heads. This spoke is an ideal choice for riders who prioritize performance and weight savings on their bikes.


  • Made in France
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Double thickness 2mm / 1,7mm / 2mm
  • Sold with 14G brass spoke heads
  • Sold by pack of 10 spokes + spoke heads
  • Spokes color : Black
  • Spoke head color : Black
  • Available sizes : 174 / 178 / 180 / 182 / 194 / 198 / 206 / 208 / 210
  • Weight: 40g
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